Trap Fest Phoenix

The slight storm passing through Phoenix did little to cool down the city as people lined up outside of the Pressroom for Trapfest on July 15th. However, the heat was no match for the excitement and enthusiasm of those waiting for a night of dancing with friends to the amazing artists among this year’s lineup. With two stages for everyone to experience some pretty incredible music, the night was set up for success. Artists like TokyoNotJapan, Two Owls, JSTJR, 4B, Party Favor and Snails took over the indoor stage, causing the Pressroom to be packed from front to back the entire night. At the outdoor stage, people were able to get some fresh air while still going hard to the music of ATLiens, Bailo, Havok Roth, Wooly Mammoth, and Tryb.

Although every artist had their crowd going wild, a few in particular brought out a special energy that left us all in awe. Headbangers nearly pulled the rail off the ground as they got the ultimate Bailo treatment. Little did they know that he would reemerge for the heavily anticipated secret set, Bailo B2B JSTJR. Havok Roth, with their badass masks and glowing red eyes, had their entire crowd singing along as they ended their set with “We are the Champions.” And, it comes as no surprise that Snails absolutely killed his set, with an abundance of spirit and support from all his Vomitstep fans. Nearly every other person in the venue was rocking a Snails tee, prepared to break their necks to an unforgettable set.

The music was not all that there was to enjoy at Trapfest. The experience was enhanced by the indoor and outdoor bars pumping out drinks, the misters cooling off those going as hard as they could, and open areas for people to take a seat and rest before going back into all the excitement. The inside of the venue was extremely hot, keeping the Relentless Rangers busy as they made sure everyone was staying hydrated and continuing to have a great time. Water bottles and hydration packs were key to having the best Trapfest experience.

It was clear that everyone remembered to bring their energy to the Pressroom this year. We all came prepared for a night of good vibes and great music, and Trapfest Phoenix did not disappoint!