BOO! Arizona 2017 Recap

 You know that exciting feeling you get inside when you’re approaching a festival venue and can hear the bass booming in the distance? Imagine sharing that feeling with tons of other ravers, all dressed in their best Halloween-inspired rave wear, and you’ll get a small taste of how amazing the vibes were going into BOO! Arizona this year! There was no lack of excitement from the huge amount of people who made their way into Rawhide Event Center on October 14th, 2017 for a night of frighteningly great music at the Halloween themed festival. Walking into the event, it was obvious that people went all out this year! Everyone was encouraged to wear costumes to BOO! and they did not disappoint! There were girls with some incredibly convincing zombie and clown makeup looks, lots of people dressed as Rick and Morty, and one guy even showed up as the eggplant emoji!
            Not only did those at BOO! this year bring the best costumes, they also brought the best energy! And it seems that Halloween and headbanging go hand-in-hand, because the crowd was going hard all night thanks to the insane lineup that featured The Kid B2B Limbo, Monxx, Bonnie x Clyde, Valentino Khan, 12th Planet B2B Crizzly, Laidback Luke, Bro Safari, KSHMR and Zomboy. Also, just hours before the festival doors opened, it was announced that Monxx would be joining 12th Planet and Crizzly’s set due to travel issues, and 12th Planet B2B Crizzly B2B Monxx became one of the most highly anticipated sets of the evening!
            BOO! had so many amazing moments that it’s difficult to pick out just a few highlights of the night! Bonnie x Clyde came out dressed as bacon and eggs which had the crowd going wild, Valentino Khan dropped some new music and had crazy trippy visuals, and Laidback Luke surprised us all when the chill music he started his set with suddenly turned insanely dirty! Bro Safari, whose signature face could be seen on multiple totems throughout the enormous crowd, had such heavy drops in his set that one girl along the rail just stood motionless for a good minute with her eyes wide and jaw dropped! (Something we like to call “bass face!”) But, if we had to pick just one unforgettable moment from the night, it would easily be the wall of the death during Zomboy’s wild set. A massive space opened up in the middle of the crowd and as soon as the bass dropped, everyone excitedly charged towards each other, going absolutely crazy and having the best time!
            When you’re going as hard as the people at BOO! were, it’s important to take the time to recharge! In the outdoor area, there was plenty of grass for people to rest and enjoy the cool weather after filling up their hydration packs at the water station. Or they could take a walk through Vendor Village, where they could receive psychic readings, grab a Pop Icon lollipop, visit the Flow Shop, or stop by the merchandise booth where they could cop some badass Crizzly, Zomboy, or BOO! merch! And as if there wasn’t enough excitement going on already, BOO! featured a haunted hayride that took attendees on a spooky adventure around Rawhide! There was a lengthy line for the hayride all night, but many people had the right idea and stopped by The Spot to grab a delicious slice of pizza and ice cold lemonade to enjoy while waiting for their turn!
            BOO! Arizona really showed how the Halloween fun doesn’t stop when you get too old to go trick-or-treating! In fact, it only gets better! Relentless Beats and Insomniac went above and beyond to make BOO! a memorable experience with every detail – each of the amazing artists on the lineup, the Halloween decorations and haunted mansion-style stage setup, the huge BOO! sign for people to take photos with their friends, and the all-around good vibes in the air that night! Next year’s Halloween can’t come soon enough for those of us wanting to do BOO! Arizona all over again!