ABC Tour

Back at it again, Relentless beats and Specto Entertainment present a group of artists that are notoriously known for their high-energy performances, as they present ANGELZ, BIJOU and CISZAK are representing some of the biggest labels in House music with Confession, Night Bass and Dirtybird. Coming together for the first time, the suitably named ‘The ABC Tour’ makes its way to Tucson, on October 28 and continues on throughout North America.

You know how we love to support our local artists, so we begin with Bijou! With his roots being just a stone’s throw, up in Phoenix Arizona, 25 year old Bijou is not your typical producer. Having worked his way up the local scene he has exploded into a household name here in Tucson and surrounding states. Angelz is in his early 20’s, and despite his young age, he is pushing his limits to create this raw energy that fans crave! Another winning addition to the mix is Ciszak who is from Brazil, which adds to his unique beats of tech house music blends.

Tickets can be purchased here and for table reservation information, email You’re either in or out when it comes to the #Hustlegang, there is no in between! So don’t sleep on this #Tucson!