We got there shortly after the show began– glad that we avoided the heat of the day, as Relentless Beats & Bassrush made sure it started at the perfect time. The blazing sun had just started to rest below the skyline, and the last bit of sun rays were just enough to make those glammed out outfits, sparkle! The event center was transformed, as we all took over Rawhide for the night! There was a variety of totems with intricate LED spheres, all the way to random giant blow up straws…perhaps a ravers style to raise awareness of plastic straw pollution, but either way, the totem game was strong that night!

We spent a fair share of our time in VIP, hanging with friends, while making new ones. They had desserts like cookies, and these cream filled doughnut holes, and piles of little vodka shots. No joke, there were piles of empty vodka shots on the tables at the end of the night. VIP was well taken care of, aka spoiled that night– for sure!  After a couple drinks, moving through the crowd started to remind me of bumper boats, well bumper boats with good vibes!

Okay, let’s pause from all the good vibes and positivity for a quick second, to share a tip for all you future, and up and coming artists out there…if you make a logo that has font so crazy it looks like you’re nephew scribbled it out, then we won’t know who the fuck you are?! Sorry…not pointing out any fingers specifically here, but just saying! During Badklaat’s set, one fan was also saying how she noticed that the sound was not at full capacity. She pointed out how she could tell because we could actually hear each other when we were talking to one another…she wanted the bass to actually jiggle her face!

On the flip side, we do want to give a big shout out to El Jefe, not only for their tasty carne asada tacos, but we witnessed how a pretty blonde lady who was working the stand, went out of her way to make sure a lost phone was returned back to its owner! The distressed couple actually walked right up to us, navigating with the ‘find my Iphone’ app open, and said, “It says it is right here!!” While I awkwardly assured her, that we didn’t have her phone, all I could think of was to tell her to call it again. I had only ventured a few steps away from the taco stand, and it turns out they had left it at El Jefe. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one distracted by tacos that night!

Another blessing in disguise, was a mystery man with the fan, in VIP, wearing a “fancy unicorn” tee, that matched his large “gumpai uchiwa”, (Japanese folding fan). He would be flapping the fan to the beat of the music, making his own rhythmic sounds, and then continue fanning himself and others around him! Being next to him was amazing, because the air flow in there, isn’t always so inviting. At one point I jotted down in my notepad how one totem said, “Rave or die” and I was thinking how I was dead..from the heat!

At one point during Midnight Tyrannosaurus, someone passed out these GloFX paper diffraction glasses, which turned everything into crazy rainbows, which was an overload for my brain once I put them on. Space Jesus stayed true to his roots and invited everyone to blaze up for his first song, as G Jones had trippy black and white visuals and featured some new songs as well. NGHTMRE was up next, bringing that ‘gud vibrations’ bass and had such dope Nightmare Before Christmas visuals to go with the set.

During Zeds Dead, even some of the security guards started dancing along too! Plus that set was super memorable because I looked over and saw that someone in a wheelchair was crowd surfing with his chair–no limits man. For everyone who needed that break from your 9-5, you left the show with a smile–or left with a neck brace…but either way, I am sure you had a good time! Getting rowdy at Bassrush Massive Arizona 2018 was absolute fucking madness and it wouldn’t have been the same without all these crazy, wonderful bassheads in our lives and of course thx to Relentless Beats for making it all happen!

As we were walking to the parking lot, the two girls next to us were already reminiscing about the show, saying how they really needed that night out! Believe me girls, we did too, and the festival vibes are the best! Post festival depression not so much..which is why they made Goldrush Music Festival right around the corner! Get Ready AZ, because we will see you at the next one!

Written by: Laurel Hervert

Photos by: Gino Calles