What a wild rush of a weekend it was, as everyone brought the heat to Arizona’s GoldRush Music Festival! More than 50 artists performed across the five stages at Rawhide Event & Town Center…and not one drop of rain this year! On the first day, we were happy to see the new upgrades and additions they added to this year! In addition to the incredible lineup, you could spend some time riding a mechanical bull, or climbing to the peak of the climbing wall, or just chill out on a train and watch the music play!

We started the first day off with Paz at the Golden Gorge stage, where there were trippy visuals like flying taco dogs and crazy eyed cats! We were amazed when he decided to take a dive head first into the crowd, as he surfed along his admirers! Paz really seems to have that ability to connect with fans on such a personal level. After his set, he had a quick meet and greet and performed later on that night at the Moonshiner’s Silent Disco. At the end of the set, we all felt like a bubbly family, all singing the Spongebob song together! After Paz, we stuck around and caught up with a Phoenix native– Bijou who played their infamous g-house bangers, including his new track, “Crown” featuring Tyler Graves.

Starstruck was another group that absolutely killed it! We had so much fun dancing around and afterwards we hit up the bar which featured some drinks from the new bar “Track Club”, with their infamous ‘Fader-Aid’ and these tasty tequila drinks called ‘Ghosts N’ Stuff’.

The vendors had all the typical rave gear you would need, but we did notice a few new faces this year! BodyZone, which creates custom rave and dance wear, had their first launch and retail here at GoldRush Arizona! I also loved how random people would stop and wave those giant fans at us, right when we needed it the most…it was amazing! Next we went to see Green Velvet, who also threw down a hard set at The Hideout Stage. For the finale, it was a great cherry on top to see Young Smoke and Zomboy before day one called it closed.

On day two, Ghastly was on the main stage, hyping up the crowd as always! We noticed some unique totems this year, floating in the crowd that read, “Vegan ravers unite…eat pussy not animals!” Another favorite totem read, “If lost come dance!”

Shaquille O’Neal also left his mark, as he now Djs under the name DJ Diesel! Before he started his set, everyone was chanting “Shaq Jesus” and he even went into the crowd to jump around with the fans. It was funny to see him get lit in the pit! Literally, you could spot him a mile away, especially in the crowd because he was so ridiculously tall! Fans said it was a spiritual experience when he brought out “Jesus” himself, to head bang on stage while confetti flew through the sky! It was pretty epic to say the least!

Sheck Wes was on the pioneer stage, and it instantly smelled like good dank everywhere as he started talking about smoking Arizona blunts and opening up the pit. As we were wandering around, it’s easy to get caught up with the lights, the sounds, and just taking everything in, but there’s nothing like a few hot stings from a random light whip to know you’re still alive! We were just glad the Relentless Rangers were still out there taking care of us and keeping us cool with their misters!

Next, we hit up Oliver Heldens, and afterwards we decided to take a break to check out the massage tables that one of the sponsors, Select, had set up in case anyone needed a breather between sets. After we were all relaxed and refreshed, we headed to the Moonshiner’s Silent Disco, which seemed like revisiting prom on acid.

During Destructo’s set, he decided to give a random fan a pineapple from the stage props, and he gifted it as if it was a warrior sword from a King presented to a Knight. When Alison Wonderland finally hit the main stage, she wasn’t shy when she yells to the crowd that she wanted to smell the weed smoke in the air! Now it was Alison Wonderland’s birthday weekend, so we couldn’t disappoint her wishes! We could feel the energy and the love as she played hit after hit! We ran into the lucky fan from Destructo’s set and he was sharing bites of the pineapple to anyone hungry enough to take a bite! Alison recently took a break for her mental health and we are so happy that she is back and feeling free again!

This weekend was nothing short of perfection! We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful festival family to create so many memories with. There was nothing but the best vibes here! See ya next year GoldRush AZ!