Where did your Goldrush journey take you? We felt like we struck gold at this last festival, because of all the amazing encounters and memories to last a lifetime! On day one of Gold Rush, it started out as a typical festival, all warm and toasty– and by day two, we were dancing in the rain.. literally! Even though we have been to Rawhide many times, it felt like a whole new world! They added in so many new things and brought back some classics from last year, to create this wondrous immersive experience. They had something for everyone, from live painters, alongside the shooting gallery, to a climbing wall to test your skills! Here is where the wild west met the glitz and glam of the rave world.

At first, we wanted to check out the merch area, and look at what the vendors had to offer while everything was still fully stocked. What really caught our eye, was the Risq Wear booth, which had an assorted variety of reflective apparel! I loved the secret pockets they add in on their camel packs- in case you need to keep some things safe! We were pumped that they still had our favorite place to eat at the pizza tavern, called “The Spot”. At one point, I was so exhausted and run down, but after a pizza slice and a frozen popsicle, I got my second wind that I needed to bring be back!

Said the Sky was the first group that stood out at the beginning of day one, and they really seemed genuinely happy to be there, and grateful for all their fans! We caught them right after their performance, playing some good old corn hole in the hospitality lounge. In fact, that was apart of one of the artist-based prizes you could have won, if you had a winning raffle ticket! Surreal just teamed up with Relentless Beats to help raise money for charities and to give some lucky fans a once in a lifetime experience! There were a variety of options which included getting caked by Steve Aoki, side stage viewings alongside other artists, meet and greets, go kart experiences and many more prizes you could have won!

We also ran into Slushii, who was also hanging out in the hospitality lounge for a meet and greet with fans, as he took photos, and traded kandi bracelets. It really reminded us how someone can be blessed to be so talented and still be so young! His mother was there, fully supporting her son, repping the new Slushii jersey that was available in the merch store and holding the camera for a live feed on Instagram. We then rushed off to the main stage to see Chris Lake, bumping everyone’s spirits up! We spent most of our time at the main stage, because it was hard to break away when these amazing artists were performing back to back! From time to time, we did venture around to see some of the other stages and it was fun to see fans shuffling their hearts out, as we created our own dust storm surrounding Rawhide Event Center!

Seeing Slushii perform will always put a smile on my face, while other artists made me laugh, like Vince Staples, who had the most random background visuals of fight videos, to condom tutorials, to choirs singing, but it was always something new to look at. Yookie made an ironic reference about shitting your pants and it made us laugh so hard because five minutes prior we thought someone did just that– yup, stage right all of a sudden cleared out for a bit! Deadmou5 was perched up on the infamous giant cube but we couldn’t help but think of him as DJing on the edge of the titanic. His visuals were jaw-dropping, and it was a perfect way to wrap up the first evening…unless you couldn’t get enough of Deadmou5, and headed to the afterparty that rolled on through 4:30am!

Once we returned for day two, it was raining fairly hard, but everyone still seemed to be having a good time. The true hardcore fans weren’t going to let a little rain slow them down, as it seemed to have no effect on them! As far as the sound equipment, now that’s another story. During Say My Name, the sound cut out during their remix of Alice Deejay‘s “Better Off Alone”. Lights and camera equipment were wrapped in plastic, a pop up canopy was placed over the Dj booth, and they even had people mopping the stage during right in the middle of songs! Illenium had a live set which was cool to see the variety of a guitarist and drummer. Shortly after midnight, Kevin Gates finally arrived and told us how he caught a private jet just to come party with us! From the sentimental to the G shit, he gave it to us all!  

Here in the wild west, we will search far and wide for the biggest and best festivals around, and Relentless Beats have not let us down! We had a packed house, and with rain or shine, I’d do it all over again!