GoldRush Music Festival 2019 Preview

Get ready for the rush of feels as the third annual GoldRush 2019 kicks off on Friday! It all begins on September, 27th and runs through Saturday, 28th at Rawhide Western Town & Event Center! This immersive, two day festival unfolds at 5:00pm and comes to a halt at 2:00am… So don’t bring the kiddos, as this is an 18+ event folks. Prepare to be overwhelmed with all the new sights and sounds as Relentless Beats, Universatile Music & Global Dance feature some of your favorite artists on multiple stages! Now it wouldn’t be the wild west if someone didn’t have a trick up their sleeve, and we heard that there will be some special surprise artists that may pop in as well!

 If you and your squad want to upgrade your wild west experience, VIP passes are also available on two levels, Standard VIP or Platinum VIP. Nothing is more intense then seeing these creative artists, live and up close, as they create such an immersive experience for us all! Rush to get your tickets now at because this band wagon waits for no one!  #CanYouDigIt?