The night before Halloween we went down to the Rialto Theatre, to see Jauz and Holy Goof take the stage! This almost sold out show was one for the books… packed to the doors with crazy costumes, so much awesome energy, and of course- tons of rave booty!
Holy Goof started off the night with an adrenaline packed set! He kicked it off right away with a fast paced, bass packed, grimey track that had us mind blown from the get-go. His infusion of house, hip-hop and hard-style had the whole floor moving in unison.
Although Jauz is from the Bay area, this was Holy Goofs first time in the states, coming all the way from the UK! His love for hip-hop, mixed with the British dance and house music he was raised around, makes for an awesome festival-like experience that had all of our attention from start to finish!

On his last song, he played ‘God’s Plan’,  by Drake, and it started out as a dance mix, slowly building up, dropping into a crazy hard-style that had the crowd going wild!
When Jauz came on stage, you could feel the energy in the room rise. His presence on stage made an already excited group, cheer even more! He played new songs from his recently dropped album and also played his known classics like, ‘Deeper Love’ and ‘Bugatti’. He even threw in EDM classics collabing with Bassnectar, Keiza and Linkin Park. Jauz had everyone with their phone lights on, looking like a rock concert as we swayed back and forth with him. Towards the end of the show, he crowd surfed from the front all the way back, and up to the front again!

When the show was finished… Jauz brought Holy Goof back out on stage, to thank him for coming and let us know just how far he travelled to get there! He also told us that Tucson had the ‘Best energy of the entire Tour so far!’ With the crowd chanting for “ONE MORE SONG!!” Jauz obliged and played a few more for us. We’re so appreciative that Holy Goof travelled all the way from the UK, just to perform for us and we had a blast showing Jauz how Tucson loves to rage!

Photos and Article by Valarie Alvarez (_little_v_)  & John Bujarski (ja_beez)