Last night, we took a little trip down to the Rialto Theatre to see Snails and friends tear up the stage! The whole set from start to finish had such musical flow, you would have thought these guys were a trio, just taking their own turns on the tables. It’s obvious they feed off of each other, and each set pumped us up a bit more for the next DJ. To our surprise, all of the guys used the Holographic screen for their visuals, but they used it in their own unique way. They started off simple, bright and exciting… and did NOT disappoint during Svdden Death and Snails!!

Ubur started off the show, keeping his visuals simple and focusing on amping up the crowd. His set was impressive, starting off right away with upbeat, bass filled, slow build ups and insane drops. His energy was on point and every time his visuals changed up, you could see him behind the screen, amped up and full of excitement. Dancing and arms pumping as he killed his set and for sure found himself some new fans.  Next up was Svdden Death. His visuals rivaled Snails, with lots of bass heavy beats and a bit darker of a style getting us pumped for snails own Vomitstep genre. His visual screen was filled with dark, ominous characters and mysterious objects. Flowing well with his set, he controlled the crowds emotions as each new song began.


We knew it was time to rage when three snails appeared on the screen! He started off with a massive build up, going right into banger after banger. The crowd was ready at the rails, the second he started! He truly had us all in the palm of his hands. His attention to detail was on point, right down to how perfectly timed up his visuals were to the song playing. It’s easy to see why Snails has gained so much attention over the past few years. His mix of dubstep, hip-hop and lots of bass, makes for a dirty combination guaranteed to make your head bang! Vomitstep as it’s come to be known, mixes a healthy dose of heavy metal, trap, hip-hop and insane drops that will have your head spinning!


His visuals were insane to say the least! It started as a war, almost a battle of Halo-esque, alien like creatures fighting against each other. Each new song brought a new part of the battle to life, ending the set with a obvious victory… as the creatures stood over the body of their slain opponent.

All three DJs took to the stage one last time at the end of the show, to thank the crowd and send us on our way into the night. It was awesome to see them come together, which was a nice way to show their appreciation for their ever growing fan base. It seems all of these guys are on the up and up in their career, it’ll be exciting to see where they go from here!

Photos and article by Valarie Alvarez (@_little_v_)  & John Bujarski (ja_beez)